Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writing for California

Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research
After writing a research paper for a Shakespeare class, my teacher encouraged the class to look for a writing conference we would submit our final research project to. As I was searching, I found a writing conference which caught my eye. It is called the Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate Research and is being held this year at Pepperdine University. Aside from the fact that I would LOVE to visit Malibu, California, since taking a class on writing in the digital era, I realize the importance of networking, sharing ideas, and putting yourself "on the map" so to speak, and what better way than a writing conference?!

My paper, entitled "And They Twain Shall Be One Flesh," explores the literary figure of the hermaphrodite in terms of a creation act as opposed to an anatomical "mistake." This blog was actually spurred by the paper and as I am revising my paper, preparing to enter it into the conference, I decided to blog about each portion of the revision and share that revision. No more writing in seclusion, I want to network! So this is an explaniation post to inform my readers what I will be writing about for the next few days, weeks, months?! Who knows!


  1. I wonder if anyone in the SoCal area has been studying your particular topic. Given the huge center for Renaissance studies at UCLA, I'm betting that's more than likely. See if you can interview or visit them while you are in the area. Might be too late for the paper, but you never know.

  2. I talk about hermaphrodites in my thesis! We should talk about them together!